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History of the Ministry


Gospel of Christ Ministries was founded by Pastor Charles J. Bell Sr. in June of 2007, initially as a Bible Study group with five people in his home.  On August 1, 2007, he moved to the basement of Sister Thelma Cox Bell and the Bible Study group immediately grew to about 20 people.


In September 2007, Pastor Bell formed Gospel of Christ Ministries and incorporated it in the State of Ohio.


In December 2007, we moved from the basement and rented afternoon space from Pastor Lovie Moore  (New Life Baptist Church) located in Kenmore.  We were blessed to be with Pastor Moore for about one year.


 In July 2008 we purchased a facility on Land Contract to more effectively carry out the mission that God had given us. We made major improvements to the interior to transform it from a bar to a church.  On June 28, 2009 we moved into our new church.


In March 2010, Pastor Bell was informed that the church at 732 Russell was available and with determination and persistence he pursued this opportunity. God gave him favor with the bank and was able to get financing for the church.

In July 2018, we sold the church at 732 Russell. We moved to New Covenant Church at 1587 W. Exchange St.


In July 2018 Pastor Bell‘s first book “God’s Purpose for Man  From Creation to His Kingdom on Earth” was published.


To God Be the Glory!


The leadership is seasoned in both preaching and ministering to a congregation, with decades of Christian experience and knowledge.






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